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5 reasons your skin is dry

5 reasons your skin is dry

Everyone agrees dry skin is incredibly annoying... It can leave your skin feeling itchy and tight as well as looking flaky, rough and scaly.

Fortunately, we at Skin Woof are here to help and we have identified 5 common things you are doing that is causing your skin to be dry. Get ready to take notes!

1. Hot and steamy showers

Hot showers are a fine balance of wanting to sooth the body which can be relaxing but if taken for too long can lead to the drying out of your skin. The longer you stay in the shower, the longer you dry out your skin and remove it's natural oils.

Skin Woof recommends: Replace your baking hot showers for water of lukewarm temperature. Also, cut down the time you spend in there to as short as possible. This helps save on water bills too!

2. You're feeling stressed out

It happens to us all at times - but it is important to not get too stressed out for the health and well being of your entire body as well as your skin. Stress can lead to sleepless nights which in turn leads to drier skin. 

Skin Woof recommends: Take some deep breaths and engage in a relaxing activity. This could be making sure you get some fresh air and go for a walk in your lunch break at work, getting some exercise or by meditating (we are new big believers in the last one!).

3. Harmful irritants

Lots of everyday products can irritate the skin which include the washing up powder you use as well as your deodorant. This irritation is then exacerbated by clothes which have rough fabric in them.

Skin Woof recommends: Wearing clothes that are soft and made of natural fabrics. Make sure you check your daily use products for irritants and if they contain them, look to buy new alternatives that are natural, free from preservatives and formulated for sensitive skin.

4. Neglecting moisturising

Regardless of your skin type, we can all benefit from using a moisturiser after we have cleansed. If you consistently refuse to hydrate your skin with moisturiser, this can lead to dry and flaky skin.

Skin Woof recommends: Use an expertly recommended moisturiser after showering, cleansing and exfoliating. Apply to the face and body regularly to reap the rewards.

5. Poor diet

A bad diet low in healthy foods and high in processed foods and sugar can lead to a reduction in water intake and the intake of important vitamins and minerals that can give you smooth, hydrated skin.

Skin Woof recommends: Eat lots of water based foods such as fruits like oranges and grapes. Choose foods packed with vitamins A, B and C such as carrots, apricots and strawberries. Include foods that are high in sulphur content to promote skin rejuvenation such as eggs.


Skin Woof vitamins contain a scientifically advanced and unique blend of vitamins, minerals and botanicals in an easy to take capsule form giving your skin all the nutrients it needs to thrive. Visit the store by clicking below.

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