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5 Tips on How to Prolong Your Sun-Kissed Skin This Summer

5 Tips on How to Prolong Your Sun-Kissed Skin This Summer

Summer is well and truly here. Whether you have been away on a holiday, are going away soon or have managed to get a tan here in the UK - we are pretty sure you don’t want it to fade away any time soon. To help you make the most of your radiant skin, we've listed five tried-and-tested tips to extend your summer tan. Get ready to embrace that healthy bronzed look for as long as possible!

1. Moisturise for Lasting Glow

The key to keeping your tan glowing is proper hydration. Dry skin can cause your tan to fade unevenly, so indulge your skin with moisture to maintain that even and long-lasting radiance. Make sure to apply a generous amount of after-sun, rich body lotions, and nourishing oils. Remember, there's no such thing as too much moisturising when it comes to retaining your sun-kissed skin.

2. Exfoliate for Even Tan

Before heading out on your sun-filled adventures, exfoliation is your secret weapon. Gently exfoliate your skin before soaking up the rays to ensure an even and glowing tan. And don't stop there – incorporate gentle exfoliation into your post-holiday routine too. Regular exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells, preventing your tan from fading in patches and leaving you with a luminous glow.

3. Enhance Your Tan with Fake Products

A little boost never hurts! If you want to prolong your tan even further, consider using a good quality fake tan to top up your natural glow. Nowadays, there are so many options on the market, from gradual self-tanner lotions and drops to tanning waters and mousses. Pick your favourite and give your skin a bronzed boost whenever you desire. Don't forget about your face; bronzers are a makeup bag must-have for a sun-kissed visage.


4. Cool Showers and Baths for Hydration

As tempting as hot baths may be, they can dehydrate your skin and speed up the peeling process. To maintain your sun-kissed skin, opt for cool water temperatures during your bathing routines. Use a moisturising body wash to gently cleanse your skin while keeping it hydrated and glowing.


5. Nourish Your Skin from Within

Beautiful skin starts from within. Embrace a diet rich in sun-coloured fruits and veggies like sweet potatoes, oranges, and carrots. These nutrient-packed delights contribute to your skin's health and can help extend the life of your tan. Additionally, consider adding Skin Woof Tan Enhancing Vitamins to your routine. Formulated with natural minerals and botanicals, they help your body produce more melanin and maintain your radiant tan.


6. Conclusion

With these five expert tips tailored for 2023, you can confidently embrace the summer sun while preserving your captivating glow. Let your tan shine all season long, and make the most of the sunny days that lie ahead.

Wishing you an unforgettable summer filled with radiant moments!

With love,
Skin Woof London x 






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