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Should you work out in the morning or the evening? The debate...

Should you work out in the morning or the evening? The debate...

You know the saying “the early bird catches the worm”. But does this also apply to your fitness regime and working out in the gym? Over the years we have tried to find out the answer to when is it really the best time to exercise, an early morning or an evening session after work? However, the research shows that there is no definitive answer to that question and you should stick with something that suits your everyday life and what you enjoy the most! If you are not sure, below we break down the pros of working out during the morning and the evening to find out what time would be the best option for you.

Morning Workout Pros:


The good thing about morning workout is that you will have a lot more energy to put into your exercise rather than in the evening. After all, you only recently got out of bed. A morning workout will also guarantee you a boost of energy for the rest of the day to help you tackle anything that comes along. Moreover, the rush of endorphins in the morning means that you will start your day in a great mood!

Better routine

Exercising in the morning could be a best option for you if you struggle to stick to the routine. As you know, consistency is key and in the morning people are less likely to find an excuse not to workout. We live busy lives and it is easy to put off going to the gym in the evening due to having too much work, being tired or having other commitments. Morning fitness session will help you stay physically active on a regular basis.

It is good for weight loss

A morning workout will jump-start your metabolism meaning that you will burn a lot more calories during the day. You will also burn 20% more fat doing cardio in the morning rather than in the evening. This is because exercising on the empty stomach allows you to burn your body’s fat stores and not the carbs that you get from a meal.

Evening Workout Pros:

Stress free morning

Not only you can get more beauty sleep in the morning but you can also take time to get ready. There is no need to rush to pack your gym bag and prep your breakfast snack for after workout. You have plenty of time to yourself and get to work on time - all stress free.

Your body is ready for a workout

Another good thing about exercising in the evening is that your body is more physically prepared, meaning that you don’t have to spend as much time stretching before your workout. Our joints and muscles are 20% more flexible at the end of the day which helps avoid unnecessary injuries and make the most out of your workout.

You have more time

There is no pressure of having to go to work and you can concentrate on your workout and proper form with no rush. You get to have more resting time between the sets and more stretch time after the exercise. It is also a great time to have a weight lifting session as your protein synthesis and endurance level at its highest.

Overall, picking the right time to exercise should be based on your personal preference and lifestyle. It is important to listen to your body and try and workout at different times of the day to see what makes you feel the best. It really is a personal choice, but as long as you work out regularly, the timing does not matter!

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