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Are you ready for Summer?

Are you ready for Summer?

The countdown has begun. After months of Zoom calls in a nice-top-and-pyjama-bottoms, and only leaving the house to go to the supermarket, the end of lockdown is in sight. Summer 2021 looks like it’s going to be normal. Bars will open, we’ll be able to see – even hug – our friends, and go on long-anticipated holidays.  

While we are all feeling excited about having a fun and carefree summertime, going back to a fast-pace life after months of hibernation can feel a little daunting. So, we’ve put together a list of simple tips to help you re-enter society feeling like the best version of you.

1. Look after your mind 

In a recent interview, psychologist Dr Svirydzenka empathized with people who are feeling apprehensive about life going back to normal. She explained that we have all formed new habits during lockdown: "It will definitely take time to adjust (much like it took us time to adjust to living in lockdown). So, no matter how exciting and hopeful, changes and new opportunities can always give us a sense of apprehension."

It's important to be kind to yourself as you deal with this period of change, as Dr Svirydzeka notes: “Being accepting and non-judgemental with yourself and others as you go through this process will be crucial."

Apps like Headspace and Calm can also be useful. These mindfulness tools aim to make you more aware of the present moment, helping you to soothe feelings of stress or anxiety, and relax. 

2. Put on your trainers

Exercise is nature’s medicine. Whether you’re feeling excited or nervous about lockdown lifting, regularly incorporating movement into your week goes a long way to boost wellbeing. In fact, research shows that people who exercise report feeling a huge 50% happier than those who don’t. 

There are loads of different forms of exercise out there, but it’s important to find a routine that you enjoy. Otherwise, working out will feel like a chore – and that’s no fun. Here are a few workouts we love at Skin Woof HQ for inspiration: 

  • Long walks or runs outdoors 
  • YouTube HIIT workouts (perfect if you don’t have a gym membership!)
  • Weight training
  • Exercise classes like Zumba

3. Give your skin some TLC

Looking after yourself is a sure-fire way to increase your confidence and make you feel summer ready. Having a morning and evening skincare routine is an important part of this. Make sure to cleanse, tone, apply serum and moisturise twice a day. 

If you’re planning on sunbathing this summer, you should also use sunscreen. This contains Sun Protection Factor (SPF), which stops the sun from damaging your skin. To boost your tan, try our Skin Woof Tan Enhancing Vitamins

4. Eat well 

Another essential part of looking after yourself is fuelling your body with the nutrients it needs to keep healthy. A diet that is rich is vegetables and fruits can improve your energy, boost your mood and help prevent any deficiencies or illness. This is because these foods contain important vitamins and minerals that are vital for healthy body functions.

Of course, as the world opens up again and life becomes busier, it may become trickier to get your five a day in every day. This is where a multi-vitamin can help. These tablets contain a concentrated dose of the vitamins and mineral found in fruit and veg, so you can stay well on the go. 

And that’s it! Our round-up of the four top ways to keep yourself healthy as we enter the new season. 

We hope you have a wonderful summer 🌻

Skin Woof team x

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